The Healing Collective

Mission and Values Statement

The Healing Collective strives to deliver services which we understand to be:
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  • Client-centred
  • Responsive, trauma-informed and non-judgemental
  • Lesbian, bisexual, and gay positive
  • Welcoming to trans and gender expansive and sexually diverse communities
  • Respectful of spiritual needs and practices
  • Conscious of the impact of race, class, lived experiences, and sexual and gender identity on people’s lives

We are committed to challenging our own thinking as to not contribute to barriers that might limit access to our services. Some of the barriers we have identified relate to issues of race, ethnicity, culture, religion, class, family configuration, sexual orientation, abilities (mental, physical, intellectual), gender identity and expression, body size, age, immigration status, and nationality.

We acknowledge that health and well-being are impeded by many intersections, and that it is important to support people through acknowledging their lived experiences and how they are impacted by the social determinants of mental health.

We strive to be an equitable environment. We acknowledge practitioners at The Healing Collective are on a continuum of learning regarding people’s lived experiences.

The Founders: Caroline Starr & Abby Rozen