Work and Life Balance

We spend a good chunk of our life working. Many jobs spill over into our home lives, creating a myth out of working just 9 to 5. Non-traditional jobs and self-employed workers can blur the boundaries even further between work and home. Maintaining a balance between work and life allows time for self-care, our families, managing our own health and wellness, and our goals and growth. It can be very tricky to hold that balance between work and life. Seeking counselling can be what helps steady you on the balance beam of life.

Coping with Stress

It is impossible to avoid stress in our day to day lives. Rather than avoiding it, it can be useful to learn how to cope with the effects stress has on your life. Stress can come from the outside world but also from our internal world and understanding the ebb and flow between the two can bring a greater awareness of how to cope with stress.

Burn Out Prevention

Burn-out is a term that has been associated with people in the caring professions, it can also be called compassion fatigue. If you are giving all of yourself to your work than there is nothing left for yourself and you “burn-out”. Some people withdraw from social activities, find it hard to connect with media and are focused on the negativity of life. You might have trouble sleeping because you are focused on trying to solve the problems of your clients or on the flip side you might avoid certain clients because they are too stressful for you. Preventing burn-out can re-energize your professional battery.

Mindfulness and Meditation

Mindfulness is a practise of focusing your mental state on the present moment while acknowledging and accepting your feelings, thoughts and the sensations of your body. You can achieve this mental state through breathing exercises, visualizations or meditation. You can also build awareness of the present moment into your daily life. People find mindfulness and meditation useful to cope with stress, slow down the chaos of life, reduce anxiety and create general well-being.