Working with Women

Yoga sunset

The experience of being a woman is unique and special. It can mean different things to different people. Society has constructed gender narratives that can build stress or cause trauma in women’s lives. I want to work with women to help them express themselves and break through the negativity that might be holding you back. I want to honour and celebrate the unique experience of being a woman.

Body Image and Self Esteem

Your relationship to your body gets bombarded by so many negative messages that it can be hard to know how we really feel about our body. So much focus gets placed on changing our bodies. It might feel weird to think about moving towards loving your body, maybe it’s just about trying to live with the body you have and building acceptance to it, just the way it is.

Growth and Life Transitions

Throughout our lives there are many different stages we go through, each with its own pitfalls and challenges. Sometimes we need a little help with those transitions, like a hand to hold while stepping from one stone to another. Changing life stages can mean changing roles, expectations and ways of doing things. I can help you find your centre within the rockiness of change.

Emotional Eating

People need to eat to live. Yet there are times when eating takes on other roles in our lives. Food can feel like the nurturing we need to deal with hard emotions and the stress in our lives. Addressing the motions that are being fed by emotional eating can ease the need for emotional eating.


Sexism is discrimination, harassment and violence based on gender. It is embedded in the institutions and systems of society. You can experience sexism on an individual level, buracratic level, or systems level.