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I provide workshops on the following topics but talk to me, because I can also do something custom sessions for you, if it is within my expertise. All you have to do is ask!

Staying Motivated

Do you have a hard time staying motivated? This workshop will help create better understanding of the barriers we put in our own way to getting stuff done. We will address should language, the pitfalls of goal setting, and personalized strategies to ending frustration and stress.

Professional Burn-Out Prevention

Are you in a helping profession but finding it hard to find time for yourself or friends and family? This can be a sign of professional burn-out. Take some time to re-charge your helping quotient before it gets burned to the ground. This workshop will address some common signs of professional burn-out, provide strategies to address burn-out on an individual and systems level while reassuring you that you are not alone in this common experience.

Stress Busters, An Introduction to Self Care

Are you finding your stress level overwhelming? This workshop provides some beginning steps to understanding our sources of stress and building skills to address them.

Understanding Body Image through Dance

Over 85% of women have an “I hate my body” moment every day. This workshop will use dance and creative activities to empower women to question why their body has been so negatively labeled. We will explore feelings of acceptance and love towards the body: what does it feel like to love our bodies?

Finding More Relaxation in Your Life

Life for many people has gotten really fast and is super busy. Relaxation can often get put on the back burner. This workshop will help you find moments of relaxation even in your busy life. Learn practical grounding techniques that can be done while sitting at your desk or from your living room.

Mindfulness and meditation

Learn how to bring a sense of presence into your life. This workshop will explain mindfulness and how it can be taken from the yoga mat into your everyday life, providing more spaciousness, peace and happiness in your life.

Building Greater Self Esteem

Your sense of self esteem can impact so many different aspects of your life, from your level of confidence to your ability to trust and build relationships.  This workshop will breakdown internal versus external sources of self esteem, explore barriers to self esteem and build personalized strategies to building your self esteem.